Introducing 49 Cares WHAT IS 49 CARES? 49 Cares is an employee resource group that leads the firm in our philanthropic efforts, which includes finding nonprofit partners for service projects and trainings like these stories captured in these videos. the employees shared how the work each of the nonprofits they served with are doing aligns […]

A Plan for This Next Week and the Next 8,000 Days.

My wife accomplishes a seemingly simple task every week in what I now consider record time. She sits down, looks at our calendar, and plans out the meals for the week. She uses this plan to create a grocery list. Early in our marriage, I was sometimes tasked with grocery shopping. I would take the […]

Creating a Clear Path to Retirement

The Cost of Retirement In 1943, Abraham Maslow released a paper titled “A Theory of Human Motivation.” The premise of this paper is now widely accepted. The core of this paper centers around the human “Hierarchy of Needs.” The basic assertion is that humans have items essential to survival and things that are not essential. […]