Private Wealth

Family office service
without the family office fees

Our team of advisors will walk you through our simplified process to deliver a wealth management plan that’s easy to understand.

You've earned more than financial freedom- you've earned the right to enjoy it.

With wealth comes complexity.

49 Private Wealth specializes in simplifying the complex financial lives of our clients by offering a family office level of service at an affordable price.

We work in partnership with your existing financial team to coordinate and simplify your wealth strategies, providing a holistic approach to financial planning.

Discover the benefits
of having your own
49 Private Wealth team

Deliver smart, neutral advice

Lead your handpicked team of financial experts

Consolidate all financial updates 

Streamline all communication 

Provide all necessary oversight 

Centralize your support

Plan with a focus on tax efficiency

How does
our architect
process work?

At 49 Private Wealth, we created a process that offers a family-office experience, without paying the exorbitant costs associated with creating your own
or joining a multi-family office. 

We start by taking the time to really know you and understand what is most important to you.

Your values and ideas guide the creation of a clear plan to accomplish your family’s goals and priorities.

We then act as the liaison between you and your financial team to integrate a holistic and cohesive plan amongst all team members.