Faces of 49: NW Arkansas Financial Professional, Parker Teague

Say hello to Parker Teague, at 49 Financial in our NW Arkansas office. Parker has been with our company for a few years and has had a lasting impact. In this career, Parker is able to utilize his passion for numbers and his desire to give back to others.

At 49 Financial, values are what guide our actions and interactions. Parker highlights teamwork as a value he has witnessed being lived out within our organization. He reflects, “Getting started in my career if it weren’t for the assistance of the upper management, HQ, and tenured advisors, I would have had a much harder time getting started.” The spirit of collaboration and support enables advisors like Parker to thrive and develop to serve others.

Parker recognizes the significance of being a young professional in the financial services industry. He explains, “Being young and energetic is very helpful when trying to build a clientele. More than that, knowing that I will be able to walk alongside clients for the next 30, maybe even 40 years, is very impactful.” Parker’s fresh perspective and long-term commitment to his clients brings established and lasting relationships built on trust and goals.

When asked what he enjoys doing in his free time, Parker emphasizes his love for the outdoors. He has a deep support for wildlife conservation, loves golf, working out, spending time on the lake, and grilling out with friends. He also is always eager to learn, stating that Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller is a top favorite for him and has shaped his perspective for healthy and meaningful work.

Parker exemplifies so many qualities that contribute to a successful and leader. We are looking forward to seeing his impact for generations to come.