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- December 7, 2022

Taxes 101

  In November of 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote to a friend to inquire about his health and give a brief update on his life. His letter included this line “Our new Constitution is now established,...
- December 1, 2022


Introducing 49 Cares WHAT IS 49 CARES? 49 Cares is an employee resource group that leads the firm in our philanthropic efforts, which includes finding nonprofit partners for service projects and trainings like these stories...
- December 1, 2022

Focused Generosity

One of the things I’m most grateful for is a dinner I had earlier this year. While the food was fantastic, the memorable part of the dinner was the lesson I learned from a sage...
- December 1, 2022

Functional Generosity

November is the month when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Historically, Americans celebrated the Fall harvest by “giving thanks” for the blessings. Whether the harvests were bountiful or scarce, the holiday was a time for people to...
- December 1, 2022

RCU: What Report Cards Teach Us About Retirement

Recently, I was helping one of my kids clean out their room. In one of their drawers were some old report cards. Looking at these documents was like a stroll down memory lane for me....
- December 1, 2022

A Plan for This Next Week and the Next 8,000 Days.

My wife accomplishes a seemingly simple task every week in what I now consider record time. She sits down, looks at our calendar, and plans out the meals for the week. She uses this plan...
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