- May 16, 2024

Aligning Values and Finances: A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

In the realm of financial planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers — saving, investing, spending. However, what often gets overlooked

- May 14, 2024

49 Financial Expands to Kansas City!

We’re thrilled to announce that 49 Financial is setting up roots in a brand new location – Kansas City, Kansas! By the end of

- March 28, 2024

High Valuations and Rising Rates in Today’s Investing Landscape

The beginning of 2024 has presented a new landscape to investors. The past decade of ultra-low interest rates is gone. However, some valuations suggest

- February 29, 2024

Why Financial Peaks Do Not Necessarily Lead to Financial Cliffs

This past week (January 22nd) the S&P 500 reached an all-time high. At the close of the day, the S&P closed higher than the

- February 8, 2024

Our Head of Generosity Shares Tax-Saving Strategies for Nonprofits and their Donors

In the spirit of giving back and empowering nonprofits and donors alike, we are thrilled to announce that our Head of Generosity, Justin Lopez,

- December 1, 2022


WHAT IS 49 CARES? 49 Cares is an employee resource group that leads the firm in our philanthropic efforts, which includes finding nonprofit partners

- December 1, 2022

Focused Generosity

One of the things I’m most grateful for is a dinner I had earlier this year. While the food was fantastic, the memorable part

- December 1, 2022

Functional Generosity

November is the month when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Historically, Americans celebrated the Fall harvest by “giving thanks” for the blessings. Whether the harvests were