Financial Advisor Shortage: How to Attract Top Young Talent

What is one of the major issues in the financial services industry right now?
As older advisors are retiring, there is a substantial need for younger advisors to join the field and see clients to and THROUGH their retirement.
49 Featured in Wealth Solutions Report

There is an increasing need for Next Gen advisors in the financial services industry, and in a recent article from Wealth Solutions Repo by Julius Buchanan, “Education, Mentorship, and Modeling Will Attract Next Gen Professionals,” top industry leaders speak to this growing need. In this article, they discuss some of the needs firms should be addressing when they think about bringing in young top talent, such as:

  • Mentorship
  • Education and Modeling
  • Removing Barriers to Entry
  • What the Next Gen is Looking For

The article highlights four incredible industry leaders, each doing their part to provide a better path for Next Gen advisors to establish their place in the industry. One of the four industry leaders quoted in this article is 49 Financial’s very own President, Luke Winskowski. He shares how it’s essential to equip and develop the Next Gen advisors:

“Firms must be proactive in building the structure and programs to develop Next Gen [talent] or it will be impossible to attract this demographic,” Winskowski said. “These programs are costly and time-consuming to do well, but they’re essential to developing young talent.”

Luke Winskowski- President at 49 Financial

Revolutionize Finance Together

It is our hope that across the industry, we can truly “Revolutionize Finance Together” by creating an easier pathway into financial services for the up-and-coming generation of financial advisors. This industry needs more intentional leaders focused on impacting people’s lives and wanting to leave a lasting legacy that’s bigger than themselves. We’re excited to be a part of the change to an older industry as a new wave of young financial advisors step in to help serve this and the next generation of clients for years to come.

Read the full article HERE, featuring industry leaders:

Kristine McManus, CRPC® – Chief Advisor Growth Officer, Commonwealth Financial

Marua Cunningham – Founder, CEO of Rock The Street, Wall Street

Craig Pfeiffer – President & CEO, Money Management Institute

Luke Winskowski – President of 49 Financial

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