First Comes Home, Then Comes Life Insurance?

First Comes Home, Then Comes Life Insurance? Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your new home and are now likely settling in and putting your personal touch on the new place. Amongst all the decisions around furniture, curtains, and what color to paint the walls, there’s another decision you need to add to the list that might […]

The People Have Spoken: 49 Financial Certified as a Great Place to Work-AGAIN!


We are so excited to announce that 49 has once again been certified as a great place to work! We are overjoyed our employees have reported their experience at 49 is a positive one, in which they feel truly cared for both personally and professionally. We strive to continually find new ways to ensure our […]

Ready for your dream retirement?

49 Financial Retirement Check-Up

Is the future of your financial situation in retirement confusing? We have the 49 Financial Retirement Check-Up to help put your mind at ease.

Portfolio Construction and the Butterfly Effect

“A very small cause which escapes our notice determines a considerable effect that we cannot fail to see, and then we say the effect is due to chance.” – Jules Henri Poincaré (1854 – 1912) The “Butterfly Effect” is commonly referred to as the large unforeseen consequences that can occur due to a small event.  Over […]

What gold, silver, and bronze medals can teach about investing

Olympic medals and what they can teach us about investing.

Every four years (or five thanks to COVID) the Olympic Games offer the world an opportunity to watch athletic greatness from the comfort of our couches.  In addition to historically popular events such as Track and Field, Gymnastics, or Swimming there are events such as Artistic Gymnastics, BMX Freestyle and Trampoline.  The culmination of every […]