The Mindset Forge Podcast – “Travis Penfield: Financial Advisor find True Purpose after Surviving a Brain Tumor”

The Mindset Forge 

Our CEO, Travis Penfield, got a chance to be featured on “The Mindset Forge.” The podcast where Barton Bryan interviews passionate people from various disciplines to find out what they have overcome to find their passion. This couldn’t have been a more perfect topic for Travis to speak to considering that he is no stranger to obstacles. In this episode he covers everything from the things you think about before going into brain surgery, to building a business that stands for something worthwhile.

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Make people feel like there’s no one else in the room.

There is a lost art of listening to people; where you are fully engaged and locked in on, not only what the person is saying, but how they feel about what they’re saying. That art helps to establish human connection and allows you to truly understand what that person needs. You cannot possibly serve anyone well in the business world if you spend your conversations waiting for them finish speaking so you can give your pitch


You can’t be convincing until you’re convinced.

Conviction is a core value of 49 Financial because of this fact. If you don’t believe that the financial plan that you’re putting together for someone is the absolute best thing for their financial future, you’ll never be able to convince someone else to make the move. We invest quite a bit of time in training our financial professionals in all the possible ways that we can serve clients because the best way to create conviction is through experiencing lives being changed for the better.


Find a mentor that aligns with your values.

While the common phrase is that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, the person you most actively grow to look like is the person you look to for advice, so make that choice wisely. The moment that sold Travis on following his mentor Jeff Davidson of Camp Gladiator was his statement “I will ask you more questions about your marriage than I do about your business because getting your home life right affects your business more than most people understand.”


Standing for something means that your convictions will be put to the test.

One of the main lessons learned from all of the obstacles Travis has faced is that if you don’t have anyone fighting against you, then maybe what you’re trying to create isn’t worth fighting for. You have to have a purpose in what you’re doing that you are so convicted by that you’re willing to sacrifice for it. The people who persevere long enough to have an impact are the ones who got knocked down but got up again because the end goal was worthwhile.


The legacy of loyalty you leave with your family will be the one that means the most to you.

In 50 years, as you look back on your life, you’ll find that the people whose opinions you care most about are those of your own family. A legacy of loyalty is built through the hard times. It’s built by creating a dynamic where you pick each other up when you’re low and lean in even when people are the hardest to love. Creating a legacy of success in the business world is something worth pursuing, but creating a legacy of loyalty to the people you love most is worth everything.


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