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An Inside Look at a Career at 49 Financial

49 Financial is a comprehensive financial planning firm providing individuals with financial services so they are secure and confident with their financial needs. 49 Financial is built by a strong team of high-achieving advisors that welcomes and celebrates young individuals who are just beginning their financial career. This firm gives 20-something-year-olds more opportunities and responsibilities than they could receive at any other company. We provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to grow and develop their skill sets alongside like-minded peers, building a strong community of leader-advisor mentorships. This is the 49 opportunity and what our company is built on.


There is no other place that operates the way 49 Financial does. We are unique in our training, growth speed, mentorships, compensation, and community age. We place a high success bar for every individual that joins our firm, constantly pushing for excellence, cheering for each other’s successes. The 49 opportunity is revolutionary and constantly seeking out more and more high-achieving individuals who believe in serving our clients well. In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into the unique career we’ve built and the overall benefits of working at 49 Financial.


Who We Hire and Why

Most companies reserve responsibility to the individuals with “enough tenure.” 49 is different as we see more potential in investing in young advisors because we recognize the importance of age in financial planning and have built our entire business model on just this. 49 Financial places emphasis on being with a client through all of their major life milestones. This can only be done through hiring young professionals.


Investing in young advisors means our clients will have full confidence that they will be provided for when it is time to retire. Our advisors will be able to build meaningful relationships with our clients so they can truly understand their financial needs and how to best achieve their end goal. Our advisors will be there from the day they open their bank account, to their kid’s first day at college, to retirement. Our clients will have the opportunity to trust not only the plan that’s in place, but also the person who is there to execute it.


Unique Benefits to 49 Financial

There are several things that make working at 49 Financial unique. We are a company that works hard to provide several resources that will propel our advisors to the next level. We pour into every individual that works here so they are pushed to reach their full potential. Let’s dig into several benefits 49 Financial offers to their employees.



Once a part of the 49 Financial team, you are put through an intense training program consisting of two formats: conventional classroom and on-the-field learning. It is our on-field training that makes 49 Financial an incredible place to start your financial career. Every new hire is placed with a professional in the company to be checked-in on, coached, and motivated for success. This is known as our mentorship program which will be discussed next.



Mentorships are the foundation of how our company functions. Our two are better than one model ensures every advisor is held accountable in knowledge, client relations, and work ethic. Many higher-up professionals at large companies do not take the time to check in and mentor new hires. However at 49 Financial, every advisor will be held accountable by a more experienced advisor.



Every business has the opportunity to decide what to do with their revenue. The way we compensate our employees incentivizes them to work hard to establish a strong client base and to serve them well. We do this so our advisors are driven towards excellence. Because of this, each advisor has complete control over how successful they want their career to be.



Another defining aspect of our company that promotes high achieving is our clear job progression path. We have strategically placed thresholds all along your career so you constantly have something to be striving for. Having an end goal in mind is the best way to stay motivated and to continue to strive for excellence.


Accountability Groups

In addition to our mentorship program, we also have structured our firm into smaller teams known as accountability groups. Each of these groups have their own identity, team culture, events, and competitions to build stronger relationships and feel supported. At 49 Financial, we truly want each and every one of our employees to feel valued and connected to other individuals within our organization.



At 49 Financial, we don’t let our advisors settle for less than they are capable of so we empower our advisors to challenge themselves and always make sure they are surrounded by people who will hold their work accountable. 49 is the entrepreneurial fast track for those who are willing to put in the work. In 3 years of working at 49 Financial, you will be given the responsibility people usually at 10 years would begin to attempt.


Now that you’ve heard it from us, let’s hear what our employees have to say about working at 49 Financial



A Career at 49 Financial


49 Financial is an opportunity for young entrepreneurial minded individuals to contribute to an exciting, forward-thinking, fast-moving industry. In order to succeed at working in the financial world, you need to surround yourself with an intentional team of hardworking and supportive people who will guide you with industry-leading expertise. At 49 Financial, you will find this along with productive training, high growth speed, thoughtful mentorships, and rewarding compensation. If our entrepreneurial fast track sounds like the path for you, complete our interest form to learn more.

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