Ask Travis: How can 49 serve business owners?

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I’m a business owner, what kind of financial planning can you do for my business?



We often meet with business owners who want to care for their employees well and feel confident that they have all of their bases covered, but don’t know where to start. This is why we created the 49 Business Owner Checklist which goes through the essential starting points to having a thriving business in terms of financial planning.

This checklist includes things such as:


• Benefits

• 401K

• Group Life

• Group Disability

• Strategic Senior Executive Compensation Planning

• Retention Strategy

• Etc.


The goal of the meeting is to create confidence in what you already have in place, fill in any gaps, and improve your plan where possible. Helping out businesses who are passionate about caring for their employees is one of the big areas that we have been able to give back to our communities and we are extremely passionate about it. If you’re a business owner and are interested in learning more, contact us below and we can send you the Business Owner Checklist to start that conversation.

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