Ask Travis: How should I prepare now for retirement?




I’ve got about 10-15 years before I plan to retire, what should I be doing now to prepare for the future?



First of all, congratulations! If you are 10 to 15 years away from retirement, it means that you have worked hard all of these years to get to the point to even be able to say those words. It’s a big deal and it’s worth celebrating.

The most essential thing you can have going into this next phase is a customized plan. Your needs will be unique to you and what you do over the next 10 to 15 years will affect you throughout your retirement. Some things that need to be taken into consideration:


• How are you currently invested? What might have been a perfectly reasonable way of investing your funds earlier in your career might need to change now that you’re closer to retirement


• How are you going to take your money out during retirement? Do you have a distribution plan that you feel confident in?


• What is the tax effect of that distribution plant?


• Do you feel like you fully understand Social Security and Medicare?


These are just a few examples of things that should be a part of your customized plan. How all of these things will affect you and more is covered in the 49 Financial Retirement Check-Up which is a 4 meeting process to really help walk alongside people just like you as you approach retirement. Our goal is for every client to come out of the meetings not only confident in their understanding of every step of retirement but also able to lean into excitement of getting there. You’ve earned it.

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