Ask Travis: How early should I make a financial plan?

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I just started my career and am earning good income, but it seems too early to do financial planning. When would you suggest starting to put a financial plan in place?



We believe that solid financial planning begins with the good habits that lead to long term wealth, which is why we created our 49 Financial Foundations Program. There are plenty of steps that you can take, even early in your career, to set yourself up for success and we’ve invested time, energy, and resources into helping young clients to build a firm financial foundation that grows as they do.


This process will answer the questions you have like:


• What are the things I need to be thinking about?


• What do I need to be putting money away for?


• Where do I need to protect myself?


So many people make the mistake of thinking that financial planning is only for people about to retire when, in reality, one of the best advantages that you can have in achieving your financial goals is time and a solid strategy. The best advice we could possibly give you is to start early and build a relationship with someone who can walk alongside you and your financial plan from the foundation all the way to celebrating your retirement.

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