49 Cares is an employee resource group that leads the firm in our philanthropic efforts, which includes finding nonprofit partners for service projects and trainings like these stories captured in these videos. the employees shared how the work each of the nonprofits they served with are doing aligns with our mission statement of “Creating Communities, Simplifying Lives” and our “Two are Better than One” motto. Watch and listen in as our COO, Justin Lopez shares more about 49 Cares!

Picture of Justin Lopez

Justin Lopez



Our Los Angeles office partnered with the Union Rescue Mission. The URM serves the homeless population throughout LA. Tune in as Kristian Mtetwa, one of our financial advisors shares how URM align’s with our values here at 49 Financial.

Picture of Kristian Mtetwa

Kristian Mtetwa

"You can care for someone holistically, even if that starts at an entry level relationship with them. it's clear that URM aligns with our values and mission: to create community and simplify lives. Doing so by bringing people together."

Dallas + CAC

Our Dallas office partnered with the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County. The CAC is missioned to providing hope to children and families victimized by child abuse. Our proven approach brings experts together under one roof to ensure safety and justice. We are the only agency in our community offering services critical to healing, free for life.

Picture of Leslie Bonorden

Leslie Bonorden

"Our mission statement of creating community, simplifying lives is in extremely powerful alignment with the Children's Advocacy Center. They've created a community in Collin County of people who will not stand for child abuse and are really passionate about helping those who have been affected. As for the kids, they are really simplifying their lives..bringing them some sort of normalcy in their lives and compared to all of the things they've endured."

Arkansas + 5Keys

Our Northwest Arkansas office partnered with a local non-profit called 5keys Financial. 5keys financial Coaching bridges the gap between knowledge and effective action. A personal coach provides accountability and space to grow in the 5 key areas of financial success: A Spending Plan, A Giving Plan, Debt Elimination, A Savings Plan & The Right Protections.
Picture of Luke Mangan

Luke Mangan

"We've seen 5 keys exemplify our two is better than one motto, just through the way that they are serving their clients and walking through their process with them."

Austin + RBI

ur Austin Headquarters office partnered with RBI Austin. RBI Austin exists to engage and develop inner-city Austin youth athletically, academically, and spiritually, empowering them to lead the transformation of their communities. They connect kids to mentor relationships, make sports more affordable, develop players on and off the field and “close the gap”.
Picture of Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

"At RBI, they are not only creating community for kids on their teams, but also for families, schools, neighborhoods, entire communities for Austin as a whole. It's been awesome to see our values and who we are as 49 align with the work that they are doing at RBI. It's been amazing seeing the work that they're doing true to our mission statement and to have our team take part in the work as well."